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Mataio Viliamu

Kia ora Bruce and whanau!

thank you so much for your time and sharing your heritage with our students. It was such a valuable experience for all with some great memories and lessons taken away. We look forward to our future noh marae at tapu te ranga!

manuia lava

paula taaffe

Sunny Hawkes Bay Greetings to you and your whanau Bruce! I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to you and all the people that have made Tapu Te Ranga a home. It is a home with an art gallery, the sprirituality of church and a university of wisdom. Our time with you was a great experience to share with our students from Eastern Institute of Technology. The students really responded to your stories through their artwork. The visit was short the the memories and invigoration lingers long. Many thanks, Paula

David Andrews

Kia Ora Bruce. It was great to stay with you and your people with the children, teachers and parents of Johnsonville School last week.

I really enjoyed the experience and felt at home. It was a real peaceful and aligning experience for me.

I wrote this piece of poetry a while back, and I would like to share it with you. I hope it reasonates with you.


Thank you for opening your home to us.

Kia Ora, David Andrews

Sharon McMahon - nee Simon

Tena koe e te rangatira, Kei te hari koa te ngakau kua tutaki atu ki a raua ko Sir Michael Fowler, kua mau te wehi o tena. He rongo pai au korero ki a maua ko Te Teira kei tou taha e pa ana i o moemoea. Ko te korero iti ka mihi maua ki a koe, ma te atua e tiaki ki a koe.

Raewyn Paterson

School of Arts and Design, EIT Hawkes Bay Visit

Kia Ora Bruce

It is hard to describe in words the experience we have had over the last few days staying with you at Tapu Te Ranga. The experience touched every one of us, in different ways and on different levels. The Whare we lived in, now lives in us.

One of the highlights for me was how the students artworks showed that they were absorbing the wisdom that yourself and Pare shared so willingly, their minds were beginning to open, and they were allowing the Kotuku to land. Most of them managed to overcome the difficulties of working in groups, and I am sure that your wisdom and Tapu Te Ranga was guiding them in this as well.
And something that none of the groups mentioned, is that the canvases we used for the artworks are recycled, I found them a couple of months ago in a second hand shop, and now I know why!

Thankyou so much to yourself, Helima, Hirini and Pare for your warmth and hospitality,

and thankyou Bruce for your dreams and your vision. Na mihi nui, Raewyn

Raewyn Paterson

Kia Ora Bruce

I just needed to share with you a little of how much Tapu Te Ranga affected me personally.

After your talk we went off to visit the galleries. Whilst I still love art in the galleries, I realised then just how special your whare is, the art in Tapu te Ranga is alive, alive with your whanau, alive with all who come to see it, to sleep with it, to eat with it, to be guided by it.

I am also passionate about architecture and ecological design, and deeply concerned at the way the world is consuming the gifts from Papatuanuku. In the last year of my degree I looked at ways of combining Maori Eco-knowledge with contemporary eco-design, using John Scott and Amanda Yates work as guidance. I can't believe that I had not heard about Tapu te Ranga before, as it is a living example of how this can be achieved. But, I guess that I was supposed to experience it, rather than read about. Thankyou so much for your talk. Reading books cannot compare to words spoken with passion.

I think for myself that the Kotuku landed many, many times over the years, but much of the understanding has remained hidden from me because of my Pakeha ways of learning. Thankyou for furthering my understanding, for helping me to connect a few more pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in my head.

My only regret is that I personally would have loved to have much more time to sit and talk and listen.

Na Raewyn

Andea Mack

Kia ora Bruce

We were just watching you talking on your Kaitiaki doco about your struggle to save the beautiful point in Wellington. I was moved to tell you how awesome we think you are. Your bravery-your strength and your aroha to create such a special place are all fantastic.
You are a tower of strength and determination and what you have achieved and continue to achieve with your life is an inspiration to others.
Years ago I visited Tapu Te Ranga, we were blown away by the heart and soul of your place.
Aotearoa is a lucky country to have you in it. So cool to see you still working so hard, still giving much of yourself for the benefit of our beautiful planet. We wish there were more like you.
Long may your loving warrior heart beat strongly?

Andea Mack

John Boomfield

Kia Ora Bruce:

I want to say thank you personally and on behalf of my group for the warm welcome and hospitality extended to us by yourself, family and mates at Tapu Te Ranga on our weekend with you. The marae was the perfect place for the shamanic workshop, and we felt especially honoured to be offered the sacred women’s whare for our work. Shamanism feels to me so totally aligned with Maori beliefs and traditional spiritual practices in relation to whenua that this was the ideal location for the teaching.

Please pass along my thanks to Wai, Halima, your daughter and Ian for their care and many kindnesses.

For your personal reading and as a contribution to the marae library, I have put into the mail a copy of my book Other Ways of Knowing: Recharting Our Future with Ageless Wisdom. This may serve as a tangible expression of my thanks.

I look forward to my next visit to Tapu Te Ranga, with the opportunity for another yarn with you. Keep well and keep up the wonderful good work.

Best wishes, JOHN The Eagle connection.

Emma McIntyre

Emma McIntyre

Kia ora (:
i am one of the teens from youthline who recently stayed at your Beautiful Marae , i just want too say thankyou alot , i loved it . and to be honest i didnt want too leave , id love too live in something like that (:
i felt welcomed there and i loved the presence i had around me there (:
i loved hearing Bruces stories . it was very touching and i wont forget those stories (:
i love the Maoritanga and want too learn more .
again thankyou (: god bless.

Daphne Wagland

Kia ora Bruce, Helima and whanau. I always enjoy the marae and the manakitanga and having my sister and brother living back there has made it feel more homely for me. I enjoyed the manuhiri recently that had their recycled instruments primo!!!!