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Mike Smith

Tena koutou te whanau o Tapu Te Ranga

Well Bruce I'm sitting here in the snow at Waiouru waiting for a fan belt to arrive for the bus ! All good though! I'm on my way to wellington having finished the latest doco so I guess I'll see you soon


lucy poole

I visited tapu te ranga marae on the 6/4/09 as a school field trip with Khandallah middle syndicate. It was great looking around the different rooms in the marae. I loved it!!!

Rob Francis

Tena Koe te Rangatira, it has been some time since we have communicated, however Tapu Te Ranga has never been for from my mind. I now have daughters(3) living in Wellington and would love an opportunity to visit, and korero one day.
I hope you and your Whanau are well.
arohanui Rob

James Foster USA

I first heard about Bruce Stewart and Tapu Te Ranga Marae from Derrick Jensens'
'A Language Older Than Words.
My visit left me with the great hope that 'If everyone
had a place to practise their
Kaitiakitanga (caretaker-ship)
within walking distance from their home...we'd turn it around' Reforestation…Buildings 95% recycled. It has a happy childlike freedom.
In the concept of treading lightly it is up there on a world scale.
I left there feeling good.

Jack Byrne

Kia ora Bruce. Thank you to you and your whanau for everything you contributed to the recent Human Rights Commission's national 2 day training hui. I have received many emails from people who attended saying how important being at Tapu te Ranga was to the hui's success. Everyone felt extremely welcome including those who had never been on a marae before. Your korero on the first morning demonstrated the power of people taking control of their lives and making the most of any opportunity. It was the perfect start for our hui. Thank you for rekindling people's spirits as well as providing great food and a wonderful environment to do our work. Being at Tapu Te Ranga played a significant role in us achieving so much over the two days. We will definitely come back.

Joanne Clarke

Kia Ora Uncle Bruce
Thank you to you and Whanau for the amazing warmth and welcome I felt while at the recent HRC Hui at Tapu Te Ranga Marae. You have created a unique space there with your whanau and the love is obvious all around you. It was my first visit to a marae since childhood and while we gain more knowledge from the HRC the knowledge and affect you have had on my heart will live with me for a long time. Heartfelt love to you all
Agender President

Tom Hamilton

Kia Ora Bruce and Whanau,
Thankyou for the time at Tapu te Ranga Marae, I speak on behalf of the crew from Rainbow Youth in Auckland. We were part of the Kaha Queer Youth Hui, the time together and the spirit and breath that was harnassed in the crest of your beautiful valley has transpired to help Rainbow Youth to become revitalised and assisted many of those who facilitate and volunteer with the organisation to think about our relationship to the work we do and its core values. My own personal memory from Kaha Queer Youth Hui was the simple and essential reminder of the sharing of breath. Thankyou


Kia ora Bruce and whanau

It was a pleasure once again to enjoy the warm atmosphere of Tapu te Rangi Marae when I attended the lively concert of the KAHA Queer Youth Hui.

Cheers, Kay



Wow. What an amazing home you have. Thank you for letting us have the hui and thanks to all your family who were so friendly and kind to us all.
Thank you so much.


Laressa Donaldson

Kia ora Bruce,
Thank you so much for letting us have our beautiful KAHA Queer Youth Hui at your wonderful marae. It was a lovely experience and such a beautiful place with an interesting history.

Laressa x