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Kia Ora Bruce,
Thought I'd leave a quick note to say thank you again to you and your family for accomodating us at the Kaha Hui - I had a wonderful time and I know that many others did also. See you in 2011!

victor pikari

Kia Oar Bruce, kei te mihi kei te mihi e tenei ra. It was awesome to catch up with you today, and korero about the past some 33 years ago when, myself, Sharon Simion, John Reddy and David Grant worked and stayed with you in those early days.
The whare has changed heaps since the days we were there, but it was nice to be sitting in the main house before all the buildings joined the main house. You have done well and although time will catch up with us all, you still look the same , a bit older, but the mind always sharp and focused, even today you think of how the Marae will carry on into the future, always planning ahead.

It was also great t have your daughter take us around up stairs and she did a wonderful job of explaining the kaupapa of each room.

I stand proud to be one of the many Rangatahi ( at the time) to have had been part of your journey as well as the development of the Marae,

Thanks for all you did for us back in the day, and trying to teach us life skills. being so young we didnt really apprecate the values you were trying to install, but for us it was about getting on the piss, and finding a party...

Its hard to imanage I have come along way myself, my journey wasnt all that pretty when I left in 1977, alife of crime and holidays was the only thing I really new, however, having changed my life around and graudating with a BSW life has been good to me.

I have dots next to my name and have worked in Health, Justice, Socail work and now work for Council, always helping and supporting our communities.

Once again thanks Bruce and I will come back exchange stories of an era gone bye.

Victor Pikari


Kia ora bruce
I had one of the best experiances at tapu te ranga I learnt so much about your marae
I hope I get another chance to visit a marae like yours
yours sincerly, Olivia at wainuiomata school

Room 2 Wainui Primary

Tena koe Koro Bruce
The marae is one of a kind - it should be a place that everyone must see in New Zealand. The view is amazing. We like how there's lots of levels and how it is made out of recycled materials. We really enjoyed the art in all the whare.
Thanks for your hospitality and thank you Pare for taking us on the tour. The stories about the whare were awesome and interesting. We learnt lots about Maori culture and traditions like the powhiri. We hope we can come to Tapu Te Ranga again.
From Room 2
Wainuiomata Primary School

Jamie-Ann and Lyneah

Kia ora Bruce

I really enjoyed doing the hike.
I didn't really enjoy getting prickles in my feet during the rakau's.
Yours Sincerly

Kia ora Bruce

I enjoyed the tour because there were very good stories that Pare told.

I did't really enjoy getting prickle's in my feet during the rakau's.

Your's Sincerly Lyneah

catlin and georgia

kia ora bruce
i had a fantastic time at the is a awesome place.the thing i enjoyed was the tour and wind horse truley inspire me thank you for your hospitality.Georgia

Kia Ora Bruce
i had a great time at the marae i learnt lots of things on the tour I also really liked the view on the end of the hike.Yours Truly Caitlin.

Rose and Jewell

Kia ora Bruce
thank you for letting us come to your whanau's marae,I learned a lot including I found out it was my marae too !!!!!!

From Jewell

Kia ora Bruce

It was very interesting coming to your whanau's marae.I learned alot about your culture and the history of the marae.

Yours Sincerly Rose

Sapphire Jade Renata

Kia ora (Tashi Delek) Bruce,tamariki and whanau season's greetings,wishing you all the very best for the coming year.Miss you all soo much.I am so thankful for the opportunity to have stayed @ your whare,it has opened new eyes to look out into the world and gifted the time to develope inner strength,& courage to walk and honour the journey.(slowly & surely)None of which could be possible without the many friends and whanau who share there stories along the way.Many blessings xxx

Mark Te Maire Davis

My jaw dropped in awe at what just seen,After being hosted at your Beautiful whare for our annual Karate camp.From the warmth we felt whist being shown around by the most confident relaxed and humblest 15 year old I have ever meet(Pare hinetai)it made us all Im sure, a little jealous ,To the bro joining us down the back of the class for sparring sessions,wonderful.
Youre vision 34 odd years ago to pursue youre goal and dreams.To have got so far is inspiring,A never ending labour of love ,A very special weekend,and I,m extra glad to have met your Mum.Goodhealth to you all till we meet again.Mark

Debbie Pearson

Kia Ora Bruce, Many thanks for sharing your home with us over the weekend - it was such a beautiful setting for the camp. The kids and adults alike were in awe of the majesty and the spirit - so warm and inviting. Having such special surroundings really helped make the weekend a great success. I missed the tour, but the others raved about it so much I'm determined to make sure I don't miss it next time we come back!! Our heartfelt thanks... NZ Ryukyu Kempo Association