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Anna Te Rei

Kia ora Bruce, Pare and whanau,

I have been to your marae a few times and each time it is a wonderful experience especially when you arrive with a new roopu and tune in to their vibe -I felt this. We are in awe of the uniqueness of Tapu Te Ranga, tino ataahua.

Kia ora to Pare, wonderful to have you show us around, your youthful energy is uplifting - you are a great ambassador. We look forward to our next hui with you.

Noho ora mai

C Morrell

I stayed at your Marae with our Marine Science students. First and foremost, thank you for the wonderful experience you gave us and the immaculate tour guide. Pare, your knowledge is impeccable. Bruce, your life experiences are lengendary.


kwl website :)


kia ora kuhziez. howz da marae?? sowi bout not goin 2 ur birthday koro bruce but happy birthday any way.. have a good day.

Luanne Butler no Kaikohe

Kia ora Matua Bruce, Pare and the rest of the whanau.
I was one of the many lucky people who has stayed at Tapu Te Ranga Marae recently. We were there for the National Kapa Haka comps in Wellington. I would like to thankyou all so much for such a wonderful stay. The marae is truly a beautiful place with so much history. I would especially like to thank Pare for being so helpful and friendly. She made us all feel so welcomed. Kia ora, and I hope to visit again soon.

parehinetai no waitaha sahida babi stewart

hey dad hahaha
just visiting the website, its pretty cool. cant wait till you update those new photos.

have a great day dad

love you 11th daughter


I am from b2 ridgway school I really liked your marae and I loved the tour and the stayover I liked the bush walk although it was a bit tiring thank you for having us at your lovely marae.


I am from B2 Ridgway School.We stayed at your marae on Tusday 13 May.Hi, Im Ben.I really loved staying at your marae.I thought the marae was awsome!How old is Borris? How long did it take you to build the marae? I really liked the carvings we saw on the tour. Thank you for having us.

Lucy K

I am from B2, Ridgway School.We stayed at yor marae Tuesday 13th May.I liked the marae because it something in a maori culture that we have never had before.I liked the nursery walk and talk because I learnt a lot about native plants.Thanks for inviting us.


I am from B2 Ridgway school We stayed at your marae on Tuesday 13th of May.Borris is a relly cool cat and he is a fluffy cat and how old is Borris? Thank you for letting us stay at the marae we appreaseat it