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Rita Tambunan

Kia Ora!
I absorb the the energy, the calmness, warm surrounding, and joy from my visit to your marai and family. It's always strengthening to know and feel that though we're small, we are here in this chaotic world and lively to make it a better place. God bless you all. Mauliate Godang!

Manivanh Suyavong

I am very pleased to visit your marae with warm and friendly environment. Thank you very much for your hospitality.
Congraturations for keeping and maintaining the Maori culture.
Manivanh Suyavong - Lao PDR.

Brian Wyatt

Maintain the rage.

Keep Maori , Maori.

I was exceptionally pleased to see my flag flying in your papa.

Sarah Kende

Gretins ikam yet long Papua New Guinea. I felt privillegd to visit your marae on the 1st December 07 with the rest of the DTP group and learn the beauty of keeping our cultures alive. Cant forget the haka dance by the lovely children. Your hospitality was great.


very nice place , close to the nature and huge family with cute children It was altogether a different experience

Mi Kay Thi Tun


Very nice place and lovely Maori people. I never forget, experience from Maori. Hope to meet you in other parts of the world.

Patrick Ty

Kia Ora!

I am so pleased and very happy to be in such a beautiful, warm and spiritual place sorounded by very hospitable people whose willingness to help and share their knowledge is truly incomparable.

The moment I arrived I felt a very unexplianable warmth and life in me. My feeling at that very moment is unexplainable. I felt the oneness of my being human and teh marae and I guess that affirms teh indigenous perspective of being one with their land. Thank you so much to DTp for giving us the opportunity and to Bruce for the hospitality.

Ka Pai!

David Ephraim

I am very impressed with the overal initiative, which is really impressive in a sense were you have preserved your culture.
proud about that
Papau New Guinea


He mihi aroha kia koutou katoa nga whanau o Tapu te Ranga.

Bruce,Pare,Hirini,Halima,goody and especially KIRIHIKA -

Thinking of you all and sending lots of hugs and good wishes wrapped up in love.

You were all apart of a special time in my life and will continue to be special to me.

I look forward to seeing you all very soon and hope that this message finds you in good health bruce - Love you all very much.

Te Wairemana

Kingi Biddle

Tena koutou e panui mai ana
Greetings to the people of the many winds of the world.
I recently spent time with Matua Bruce, pare and the whanau of tapu te ranga. I was moved to write a poem.
Papa Bruce asked me to put in this guest book, "so it will Enrich others."
Here it is

"Inside everyone's heart lies a Whare that waits to be realised. A
building that houses all the dreams, hopes and aspirations that one
holds so dear, a receptacle that brings to fruition the very corners of
one's soul, the many aspects, attributes and accomplishments that make
up the being and it yearns to be set free.
A fine standing sculpture that all may see and in the time of the
leaving are left with liberty.
This kaainga, this place, this whare, this home, is a painting, a waka
huia, a statute of wood and of stone.
Its blood is the wairua of Manaakitanga Whanaungatanga and Aroha for I
am you and you are me in the endless tide of wairua.
Tapu Te Ranga Karanga, Tapu Te Ranga Maranga, when the Pare Hinetai No
Waitaha opens her arms to espouse. That house breathes you, and the
world breathes that house."

Peace be with you all