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Ced Simpson

Tena koe Bruce

We are very pleased that we included time on your marae in our programme. I have no doubt it’ll be seen as one of the key highlights of the three weeks our participants are spending in Aotearoa. People were impressed by the buildings and the general environment you have created, and the overall hospitality, but we were especially affected by the korero offered by you and Pare. Thank you for contributing so powerfully to our human rights training course.



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Hi everyone: With Bruce's permission, I wrote a blog entry with some pictures taken from my visit to Tapu Te Ranga with the roopu from Newtown Union Health Services. It was my first time on a marae and I have been thinking about it all weekend.


I live just up the road from you in Island Bay and I hope to see you again soon; thanks for sharing the story of Tapu Te Ranga with me.

Mellani Walker

Kia Ora

Mellani Here great night i had a great experience full of excitment and happiness cool as Kuzz had a great talk and everything Ur A GrEat PeRsOn

BeBo PoZe


Dot Rapana

Kia Ora Bruce & Pare,
Thank you so much for welcoming us to your awesome Marae, was such a privilidge to have you go out of your way to bring us to visit. We just cant stop raving to our friends about your very unique Whare, just truely fabulous and all this created from a vision you had many years ago.
For all you visitors to this sight, go check this place out, you wont be dissapointed with what you see and what you find, always something new through every door you open.
So thanks again Bruce hope to see you and Pare again in the near future.
Arohanui Dot.

Wiki Walker

Kia Ora Cuzzie. Once again, thanks for picking us up and taking us back to your Marae. To your very talented daughter, she is so proffesional in what she does.We enjoyed her koriro on your Marae. Have got all my photos on my computer and the video is ready to show those ones that didnt see your Marae what they missed out on.
I will get the photos and the family tree of the whanau that you want. Pare will also see some on my Bebo page. Once again thanks heaps and i recomened this visit to anyone that reads this comment. Hope we see you again soon.

Jan Symington

Kia Ora Bruce e te Whaanau

It was delightful to spend time at your home. So many of our graduates from the UPLIFT programme talked about the fantastic vibe, here's a few of their comments about the highlight of the event:
- Greatest place
- Tenei whare tino ataahua (x5)
- Te Ahua Rangatira O Te Whare Nei!
- Very nice Marae!
- The Whare is absolutely amazing. Wonderful Manaaki & Tiaki.

Thank you so much for everything.....we will be back.

Ka kite ano
Jan Symington

Hutt City Seniors

We would like to extend a warm thank you for hosting our Hutt City Seniors at Tapu Te Ranga Marae.

Everyone enjoyed themselves, and they were very interested in your whole set-up. You have certainly done a lot of work on the property. It is wonderful what you have managed to achieve and you are to be congratulated on a fine effort, and for your vision for the future.

Please thank your daughter for her interesting talk as she showed us around.

Kind regards
Raewyn Foster
Recreation Programmer
Hutt City Council

Angela Henderson

Hello all. I'm one of the students from Wanganui UCOL's Art and Design class who had the honour to stay one night in your beautiful home. Thank you all so much for having us and teaching us. I am of Te Atiawa Taranaki Iwi but do not know much about my Maori history as I was adopted out of that family at 6 days old. Now I have begun the search to discover my history and my people and the visit to your home was like a door opening to the journey. I felt at home there and even enjoyed having a little cry in the Tane Whaiora because of the negative happenings in my life at the moment. I hope to return soon for another visit.

Much love.

Angela. (18)

Eloise and Ctrl Shift - the Architecture Students of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific


The whole group was amazed and inspired by staying at your place. They were moved by the ritual, your talk, the long chant by the young ones, the kai, the bonfire and felt that it was a great place to carry out our work in. It was also a very good experience early on in the week to allow the students to make new friends by staying with each other. We had much subsequent discussion over motivated community members like yourself and what students might be able to do for communities that don't have someone so proactive and creative making changes and building new lives. That will be further discussed in our publication as we wonder where architects and architecture students can fit into this puzzle.

Many thanks and much love to your strong whanau, the strong house which is your mother, and the chatter of the birds and insects in your vege garden.

Ctrl Shift