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Piari Peneha-Cooper

Tena koe Bruce,
it has been many years since I had the privelege of staying at Tapu Te Ranga the time I came to live there with my 2 tamariki, my life back then was in turmoil,my pathway was without direction,there was little if any effort to visualize a better future for me and my Bruce, took me under your wing unconditionally, no judgements, no condemnations,I had the freedom to be there or not to be, I chose to shared alot of korero,your own life experiences,the good and the bad, being at rock bottom,you gave me hope, you gave me inspiration that my life would be better if I put my heart into it,my strength came from within, my tamariki motivated me, for me there was hard yards ahead..that was over 16 years ago since then I have had many challenges,I have 12 tamariki 6 of each now Bruce,I embrace them with being a blessing and by far my most challenging of all oh I'm learning something new everyday and I love my life and would not trade it in for anything,I humbly thank you for being a part of my life your korero and your beliefs allowed me to implant them into my own character, I often wonder how you are getting on and how the additions to Tapu Te Ranga has expanded upwards/outwards, If I remember rightly I was last there when you were on the finishing stages of your library I also had the pleasure of meeting your wife Halema and your 2 daughters they were only preschool ages then,one day soon I will bring my whanau to meet you and your whanau I have shared with my tamariki my stay at Tapu Te Ranga Marae they look forward to meeting you. I married Jarb we moved from Masterton we live in Hikurangi 10minutes drive north of Whangarei Life is wonderful in the north not as many red necks as back at home..I thank you Bruce I shall always treasure Tapu Te Ranga.. kia nui te aroha kia koe..regards Piari

Jonathan Parker

Tena koe Bruce

I can't believe I've lived in Wellington for so long and not visited Tapu Te Ranga until now.

Bruce, the short time I spent with you and your girls left me feeling deeply humbled yet greatly enriched.

What I only felt at the time I can now articulate - Pare Hinetai No Waitaha 'lives' and is surely a great source of inspiration.

I don't think you could pick a better time than now to initiate your 'people building village'. Our city, our collective culture is bereft of such treasures.

Looking forward to my next visit

Kia Ora


Des Brennan

Kia Ora Bruce

I want to thank you for your unique hospitality at Tapu Te Ranga Marae. I have asked myself why the experience was so memorable.

People with vision, capability and humility are very rare and you certainly showed us these qualities. We were welcomed and informed, and I benefited from a greater understanding of a number of matters. To see the bush regenerating and birds returning is a tangible achievement, and one of the many values you shared.

The connection between the trials and tribulations of the Irish people and Maori are movingly similar. Your talk to us bought tears to my eyes, as I reflect back on our painful Irish history.

Bruce, please thank your family for looking after us so well, and accept my best wishes to furthering your vision over many more years.

Regards…Des Brennan
Chief Executive…Yachting New Zealand…SPARC…NZ Olympic Committee.

Sarah Anderson (Walker)

Tenakoe Bruce…

We would like to extend our thanks for making our hui such a great event. You made everyone feel very welcome and they thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Feedback I have received was about what a fantastic and unusual marae you have and how inspirational your restoration project-Manawa Karioi is. Some of the attendees had not been to a marae before and felt that as well as an environmental experience, they had enjoyed a cultural experience also. Of course, the Maori contingent of the group were very appreciative to have had the hui at a marae. I also received much feedback about the excellent food and hospitality.

We will be in touch with you in the future for further hui’s. Thank you again.

Naku noa, na Sarah Anderson(Walker)
Habitat Protection Fund Officier

World Wildlife Fund for a living planet

Derrick Jensen

To Bruce

With gratitude for your courage, for your words that lead to action.

In the spirit of remembering that which we already know.

Love Derrick Jensen

Note: Derrick Jensen is a foremost enviro-anarcho-primitivist American writer…works include;

Listening to the Land…The Culture of Make Believe…A Language Older than Words…

Strangely like War…Walking on water…Welcome to The Machine…End Game

“Derrick Jensen's book A Language Older Than Words left me physically shaken. I read it, about five years ago, in one sitting, in 36 hours without sleep, and more than once I threw it down as if I'd been stung. It is horrifying reading, but worldview changing. Its message is that civilization is inherently violent and relentlessly destructive and repressive, and keeps us all in line through hierarchy, threatened scarcity and learned helplessness: 'the fear of not having enough'.”

Ada Davis

I had just received and email from a listing I didn't remember asking for and in the process of checking that out, came across your website - I didn't understand "Daybook" and thinking it might be day time bookings for conference etc I peeked inside.

What a blessing - I feel as though I have visited and nattered over a cup of tea. It has set me up for the day ahead.

I shall call again and explore your site when I am a little more awake.

Thank you. Ada Davis

Leigh Anderton

Dear Bruce and family,

Thank you for the two wonderful stays at your place this year by our art groups from the Quay School of the Arts Whanganui Ucol.
These visits bonded our groups with each other and staff.We had a fabulous time and they have been the talk of the year. It is an excellent way for us all to stay while we visit galleries and musuems in the area while also learning to work as a group.The talks you gave our group on your philosophy of live and living were rich, entertaining and extremely inspiring. We saw our rangatahi relax and prefrom at a higher level when they returned.

aroha nui to you all

staff and students

Ace House

Kia Ora
Bruce, thank you so much for welcoming our group onto the Marae and sharing with us about her history. We loved it. Hope to see you again soon.

Simon and Ace House

Gabriel Tupou

Hi everyone good to see the website,hope to see evryone soon.

Sarah Peart

Bruce and Halima,

Thank you once again for your hospitality and allowing the unitec actors and dancers stay with you. We love staying with you. This years group were in awe of the marae, as we all are, and i am still hearing stories about how amazing it is. Thank you very much and hope to see you next year.

Sarah Peart